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sweet lassi recipe

sweet lassi recipe

The sweet lassi recipe is Indian-style buttermilk. it is a traditional dahi based shake. In Punjab, Rajasthan lassi is an all-day drink. people drink in a big glass .lassi is a mixture of curd, water, cream, species, and a mixture of dry fruits and fruits and berries. lassi is a grind milkshake. Lassi is a traditional drink for summer but some people drink it throughout the year.

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Table of content | sweet lassi recipe

  • what is lassi .
  • how to make meethi lassi
  • what is Punjabi lassi recipe
  • mango lassi
  • lassi is good for weight loss
  • lassi benefits for skin
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what is lassi | make lassi

Lassi is an Indian street drink that is made with blended yogurt ( curd ). It is a sweet drink that is good for the hot season. Traditional lassi is very easy to make and have great taste. lassi is a Punjabi word that means a cold soft drink. India is a country of food and drinks where many great dishes are developed. there is a secret way to make a traditional Indian sweet lassi recipe.

Indian region has great variations due which the real tradition of making lassi changes state by state but the taste is so famous all over the world. sweet lassi recipe is most famous among peoples in India .

so, in others, words lassi is a sweet mixture of yogurt and some Indian species which is best for summer season .

how to make meethi lassi |mithi lassi

Lassi has a great variety from which meethi lassi is one. It is so-called meethi because of its sweetness. there are many different ways to make meethi lassi. In Indian villages, people use a wooden churner and Madani. some used mixture to make lassi.

To make meethi lassi first we make curd from milk by adding a few drops of lemon juice to milk. when curd or yogurt is ready we first take a thin layer of malai from the top of the yogurt. take curd, malai, some species, sugar, and whatever you want to add to lassi . put all ingredients into a jar and grind it .

Now, enjoy the lassi. serve it in the glass. you can also follow the traditional village way to make meethi lassi .

what is the Punjabi lassi recipe? |sweet lassi recipe

Punjabi lassi is very famous in Punjab because of its serving style. In Punjab, peoples like to drink lassi in a big glass. Punjabi lassi is too heavy. you will feel like you have eaten too much food when you will drink a glass of Punjabi lassi.

Punjabi lassi recipes are too different to make. firstly take curd and required ingredients in a Madani ( wooden chuner to make Punjabi lassi recipe ). mix all in Madani. Now lassi is ready.

In other words, Punjabi lassi is a mixture of blended yogurt, sugar, saffron, and species.

Mango lassi | sweet lassi recipe

Mango lassi is wonderful in taste because of the flavor of mango. it is just like mango shake . It is made pulp of mango mango , yogurt , sugar , cardamom etc.

To make mango lassi firstly take a thin pulp of mango, sugar, yogurt, etc. in a mixture and grind it. Now, mango lassi is ready. Mango lassi is a typical style of Indian mango shake.

lassi is good for weight loss |benefits of drinking lassi

yes, Lassi plays a best role in weight loss . Lassi is made in different flavor of fruits and berries. it is made with yogurt which has lactobacillus and huge amounts of proteins and minerals. with the presence of these great minerals and proteins , it makes our health great and also helps in weight loss .

lassi is recommended good for weight loss and maintaining health. lassi is made from curd and curd made from milk which is a complete food in itself. so, lassi is recommended and ideal drinks specially for the peoples who wants to loss weight. In this way , lassi is good for weight loss.

Lassi benefits for skin

Lassi is good for our health. In lassi, there are several proteins, calcium, irons, lactic acid, etc. Due to the presents of these great minerals, it is recommended best for skincare, health, and also for weight loss.

lassi has presented lactic acid which is good for skin care. It helps to remove dead skins from the top layer of skin. Lassi also makes skin cool and increases cell turnovers. It has huge hormones and amino acids that help to remove acne and other problems. Lassi is a type of soft or cold drink that maintains moisture in the skin. Thus, in this way lassi is beneficial for the skin.


How to make thick lassi ?

To make lassi thick you need only yogurt , sugar and cardamom etc . No need to add water in lassi while grind in jar . Take hard yogurt only for thick taste . you can also add cream to make lassi thick.

How to make lassi at home ?

To lassi at home, you need fresh yogurt, sugar, cardamom, and ingredient according to your taste. Take all ingredients in a jar and grind it with the help of the mixture. Now, your last is ready to drink. serve it as per your taste. In this way, we make lassi at home.


  1. Put curd, salt, ice cubes and cumin or mint in a mixer jar, and beat.

2. Mixing water and stirring the mixer once again stir the fat.

3. Namkeen lassi of curd is ready.

4.. Put the salty cold lassi of curd in a glass and drink it.


serve the lassi in punjabi style long glass with aloo parathe and in summer season as a shake.



Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 10 minutesCook time: minutesRest time: 10 minutesTotal time: 20 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:286 kcal Best Season:Summer


Lassi is a indian style buttermilk . it is a traditional dahi based shake. in punjab , rajasthan lassi is a all day drinks. people drink in a big glass .lassi is a mixture of curd ,water, cream, speices and mixture od dry fruits and fruits and berries. lassi is a grind milkshake . lassi is a traditional drink for summer but some people drink it through out the year.



  1. you can add sugar instead of black salt in case of sweet lassi.
  2. you can skip black pepper if you don’t want.
  3. you can follow the indian villages traditional method for making lassi.
  4. take the amount of water doubled with dahi.


  • add ingredients as per choice.
  • skip anything which you don’t want.
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