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bakery samosa recipe

bakery samosa recipe is an Indian snack made with spicy potatoes, peas, flour, paneer, etc. It is so crispy and spicy, tangy in taste which wins the heart of everyone with its taste. It is a fried dish which is eaten throughout the whole year in all seasons. People like this dish so much. Its triangular cone shape is so looking delicious. It is eaten with green and red tomato chutney and with a thick gravy of chole, curd, pappadi, salads and so other according to taste. Also, Its crispiness wins everyone’s heart. samosa is Indian street food that can be easily seen in every street of India.

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samosa recipe

The method of making samosa is very simple. Samosa is an Indian snack. Which is very much liked by not only Indians but people all over the world. Many foreign travelers come to India to eat Indian samosas and taste them. Samosa gives so much currency and crispy taste. Which touches the heart of the tourists. Ingredients required for making samosas are flour, potatoes, onions, peas, green chilies, ginger, Indian spices, etc. Making samosa is very simple for the confectioner. Therefore, people with confectionery samosas buy samosas at confectionery shops to eat. To make the samosa, the masala of potatoes and peas is first prepared. Which is also called potato bharta or chokha.

Maida flour is prepared and potatoes are stuffed in refined flour and fried and samosas are prepared. Different methods of making samosa are famous all over India. Samosa’s recipe is very much liked by everyone from north to south. In big hotels, etc., samosa is served with tea and sweet and sour red and green chutney. In foreign countries, samosas are so expensive that Indian samosas will come very much in India. So let’s start the method of making samosas after knowing about samosas.

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  • veg snacks
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  • aloo samosa
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indian veg recipes

Indian Veg Recipes are the main recipes of India. In which many types of Indian vegetarian food are included. The people of India are very famous in terms of drinking food. Indian food is famous all over the world. From which samosa is a snack. Almost everyone likes it. Everyone also likes its size, taste, and crunchiness. So start watching our recipes to know more about Indian Veg Recipes. Which is presenting all the recipes of India in front of you. So let us start the method of making samosa. You know everything about this method. So let me also tell you about how to make it.

veg snacks

Samosa is a recipe included in Veg Snacks Recipes. Who doesn’t like snacks? Everyone loves snacks and must have liked it with tea in the morning. In India, every snack is served with sour and sweet red and spicy green chutney. Also, many people like to eat it with tea. There are some snacks that are so interesting to serve that people love to eat them. Indian Snacks Recipes brings to the fore the snacks of India. Today we are talking about making a samosa recipe. Which is a snack. Which you can serve with tea and also with red and green chutney. In many places, this snack is served with chickpeas.

Some people decorate it by adding curd, chickpeas, pomegranate seeds, papdi etc. to serve it. Which looks very beautiful. And don’t even ask about the food. You will find samosas in almost every corner of India. Samosa is the most popular dish in veg recipes. Which Indians definitely like. so let’s move on.

punjabi samosa

Punjabi Samosa is very much liked by Punjabis. The Punjabi taste and manner in it reflect from Punjab. That’s why it is called Punjabi Samosa. Also, The people of Punjab are very fond of food and drink. Punjabi Tadka is famous all over India. Even people from other states love to eat Punjabi food. Punjabi samosa is prepared in Punjabi style. so, let’s move on to our Punjabi samosa recipe.

aloo samosa

People like Aloo Samosa very much. Especially when peas and paneer are added with potatoes. By the way, while preparing the samosa masala, potato is put in it as the main ingredient. By the way, potato is seen in every Indian food. If you want, you can do the staffing in the samosas as per your wish. Instead of potatoes, if you want, you can prepare samosas by adding noodles, Manchurian, etc. according to your taste and you can taste it. but still, aloo samosa is the most popular snack.

Types of samosas

Nowadays people are liking to eat samosas according to their taste and desire. In India nowadays, instead of potatoes in the stuffing of samosas, Manchurian, noodles, cheese corn, potato chaat, green vegetables, etc. are being added and also people are liking it very much. People who want to stuff inside samosas. He can cook it. That’s why today there are many different varieties of samosas present across India. Like Cheese Corn Samosa, Chowmin Samosa, Manchurian Samosa, Vegetable Samosa, Pasta Samosa, Chicken Samosa etc. You can also taste the samosas in different ways.


Which country made the samosa?

samosa is an indian sanacks recipe . the samosa was first made in India and then spread throughout the country.

Why are samosas triangular?

It’s a way of making samosas recipes in India. For stuffing potatoes in samosas, so, it is given a triangle shape. So that the masala can be filled inside that triangle shape and can make samosa by closing its corners well, the samosa is in a triangle shape.

Are samosas spicy?

It depends upon your tastes whether you want samosa spicy or less spicy.

Is samosa a dumpling?

Yes , samosa is a fried dumpling.

How do you eat a samosa?

samosa is served with tea and sweet and sour red and green chutney. Also, In many places, this snack is served with chickpeas.

FOLLOW THE RECIPE : bakery onion samosa recipe

making aloo for stuffing

• First of all let the potatoes boil.

• Put ghee and salt in the flour, then mix it well. Knead a little hard dough with the help of lukewarm water. Also, keep the dough covered for 15-20 minutes to set.

• Prepare pithi for filling in samosas.

• Peel the boiled potatoes, and also break them finely by hand. Heat a pan, put 1 tsp oil, add ginger, green chilies, and green peas in hot oil and then mix, cover, and let it cook for 2 minutes, green peas will become a little soft. Add finely chopped potatoes, salt, green chilies, coriander leaves, coriander powder, garam masala, mango powder, raisins, and cashew nuts, and then mix well. Pitti is ready to be filled in samosas.


• Make 7-8 equal sized balls from the kneaded dough. Take a circle and roll it with a cylinder about 8 – 10 inches in diameter. The rolled poori should remain slightly thick.

• Cut the rolled poori into two equal parts with the help of a knife. Bend one part making a triangle (while making a triangle, both ends must be glued with water, the method of making a triangle can be seen from the youtube).

• Fill the potato strips in triangles. After filling the Pitti, put a plate in the back edge, lubricate both the top sides with the help of water. Also, check that the size of the samosa is correct. Similarly, prepare all the samosas.

fry samosa

For frying samosas, heat oil in a pan. Put 4-5 samosas in hot oil and fry till they turn brown, the gas flame should remain medium while frying the samosas. Take out the samosas from the pan and place them on the napkin paper laid on the plate. Fry all the samosas in the same way.

• Hot samosas are ready. Serve and eat samosas with green coriander chutney and sweet chutney.

SERVING: bakery samosa recipe

Serve and eat samosas with green coriander chutney and sweet chutney. you can also serve with chole with thick gravy, pappadi , sev, pomegranates , curd, tangy green and red chutnies, and other indian ways.



Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 20 minutesCook time: 15 minutesRest time: 10 minutesTotal time: 50 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:262 kcal Best Season:Available


Samosa is an indian snacks made with spicy potatoes, peas, flour, paneer, etc. it is so crispy and spicy ,tangy in taste which wins the heart of everyone with its taste . it is fried dish which is eaten throughout the whole year in all seasons . peoples like this dish so much . its triangular cone shape is so looking delicious. it is eat with green and red tomato chutney and with a thick gravy of chole , curd, pappadi, salads and so other according to taste. its crispiness wins everyone heart. samosa is indian street food which can be easily seen in every street of india.



  1. add salt as per taste.
  2. add chilies as per taste.
  3. you can skip any ingredient which you don’t like .
  4. you can skip ghee using if you don’t like , use mustard, refined oil or olive oil,.
  5. fry samosa at low flame so that crispiness and color will comes.
  6. you can use noodles for filling instead od potatos in samosa which makes samosa so yummy .
  7. add ingredients which you like.


  • add ingredients which you like.
  • add salt as per taste.
  • add spices as per taste.
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