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Red velvet cake |Vanilla cake (cake shop)-A Secret Recipe

red velvet cake

Vanilla cake or red velvet cake is the most liked variety of cakes in the world. Out of the whole world mostly the population liked vanilla. It is white. red velvet cake is delicious in taste and easy to make. vanilla cake is made of flour, sugar, vanilla, dry fruits, fruits, and so other. vanilla cake or red velvet cake hindi can be cooked in different ways, with different decorations, and so other. It is a treat on every occasion. cake shop near me. let’s try our recipe and tell us.

Red velvet cake is a variety of cakes. which is red in colour. It is like a vanilla cake. In this, it is decorated with all kinds of dry fruits, fruits, cream, etc. and it is made red. Due to this, this whole cake gets drowned in red color. That’s why it is called Red Velvet Cake. Its taste is very good. You can add vanilla, chocolate, strawberry by mixing all the flavors in it.

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Table of content |birthday cake

birthday cake |lava cake

You can use Red Velvet Cake for any function. You can use it for any function like Birthday, Anniversary, etc. Red Velvet Cake is a very popular cakes for birthdays. Children and young people like this cake very much. Its taste is liked by all. It is also very easy to make and red velvet cake hindi.

You can add any flavor according to your taste. It will be a very nice cake on the occasion of your Birthday. If you want, you can also put many birthday pictures in it. Different types of designs, pictures, etc. to decorate Red Velvet Cake can be found very easily in the market. Follow our recipe to make this cake instant and you can also make it by watching the video. Then what is the delay, definitely make this birthday red velvet cake and make your children’s birthday something special.

lava cake

On the occasion of your birthday, you make it at home because homemade things are considered to be the best and healthy. To decorate it, you can make different types of designs from cream on it and you can make the design more embossed with chocolates, jams, cherries, etc. As this cake is red, it does not need to be decorated much. you can find cake shop as cake shop near me.

It looks quite beautiful. It is as if the rose has been plucked and placed on top of the cake. Everyone likes its texture, shape, and also, its color. If it is a birthday, then why not leave this cake, children like it very much. And when it comes to birthdays, children become happy.

You can make it in two ways. One is what we showed in the video and second, if you want, you can make it in embroidery. If you do not have a microwave oven. It can also become very quick in embroidery. If you do not want to make it in a pan, then you can make it instantly by putting two-three whistles in the cooker. So that’s when cake making has become so easy. So what is the delay, make it now or red velvet cake hindi and enjoy its taste.

chocolate cake |unicorn cake

People like chocolate cake very much. When it comes to chocolate, we all know how many chocolate lovers are there all over the world. Who does not like chocolate, almost everyone who looks at it is crazy about chocolate. Chocolate is so sweet and delicious too. Chocolate cake is a recipe for cake made from chocolate. When people love chocolate so much then why can cake be left behind. People like chocolate cake in all celebrations.

Its decoration and way of making are also amazing. In this cakes recipe, you can turn it into a chocolate cake by adding a layer of chocolate. If you want, while making Red Velvet Cake, add Cadbury and chocolate syrup to its batter.

Due to which the combination of Red Velvet Cake and Chocolate Cake will be even more wonderful in taste. Tell us in the comments below how do you like chocolate cake and would you like a chocolate cake recipe from us .

cake designs |simple cake designs

Just as the taste of cake comes from eating it, similarly the taste of cake also comes from looking at it. That’s why it becomes necessary to make the cake more beautiful. Different types of pictures, artifacts, designs, etc. are used to decorate the cake. also, These cake designs enhance the taste of the cake.

Various types of designs can be made to make cake designs, in which children can apply the designs of heroes like Spider-Man, Superman, etc. And you can decorate the cake by making different designs of flowers, mountains, nature, etc . tell me in a comment which design you like most.

bakery near me |cake shop near me

If we want cakes, pastries, chocolates etc. then we can buy from our nearest bakeries and shops or cake shop near me. You must have also gone to your nearest bakery. Our nearest bakeries are Thakur Ji Bakery, Ghanshyam Ji Bakery etc. You tell us in the comment which is your nearest bakery shop or cake shop near me . Red velvet cake hindi recipes are also here. you can read this recipe in hindi.

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FAQS |red velvet cake

Does red velvet taste like strawberry ?

Red Velvet cake recipe is a very expensive cake. Because a lot of cream, strawberry, coca etc. are used in making it. A lot of cheese and cream is put in it. Strawberries are found in abundance in this Cake. So that its color can be brought red. That’s why red velvet cake tastes like strawberry

Is red velvet cake sweet ?

Yes, Red Velvet Cake is sweet. Because it uses curry, sugar, strawberry, cheese, strawberry syrup, etc., which make it sweet.

What kind of cocoa is in red velvet?

Natural cocoa is added to the Red Velvet Cake. which makes it delicious. You can also add chocolate cocoa to it.

red vancho cake

Red Velvet Cake is also called red vancho cake and in all cake shops near me

What kind of cocoa is in red velvet?

Natural cocoa is added to the Red Velvet Cake. which makes it delicious. You can also add chocolate cocoa to it.

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How to make Red velvet cake |Vanilla cake| Red velvet cake recipe

  1. Sieve all-purpose flour and baking powder. Beat with sugar.
  2. Add ghee little by little to it and keep whisking.
  3. Now add all purpose flour to it and then beat it.
  4. After adding essence, put this solution in a baking tin by applying butter and adding flour.
  5. Add ground almond powder on top.
  6. Also, Bake in a hot oven for 45 minutes.
  7. Take it out when it turns light brown.

Method of icing :

  1. Whip cream, sugar and essence.
  2. Cool it by keeping it in the fridge.
  3. Now apply this cream on the cake.
  4. Now, decorate the cake according to your need, wish, and taste.

Decoration of Red velvet cake

Decorate the vanilla cake with a thick layer of vanilla .also, add some dry fruits like almond, cashew, nuts, etc., and different types of fruits, berries, etc. you can decorate a cake in your way.

Vanilla cake

Vanilla cake

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 30 minutesCook time: 45 minutesRest time: 45 minutesTotal time:2 hours Servings:4 servingsCalories:185 kcal Best Season:Available


Vanilla is a most liked vareity of cakes in world . out of whole world mostly population liked vanilla . it is white in colour . vanilla cakes are really delicious in taste and easy to make. vanilla cake is made of flour , sugar, vanilla, dry fruits, fruits, and so other. vanilla cake can be cooked in different ways ,different decorations, and so other. It is a treat on every occasions .



  1. Sieve all purpose flour and baking powder carefully.
  2. Add ghee little by little to it .
  3. add all purpose flour to it and then beat it manually .
  4. Bake in hot oven for 45 minutes .
  5. add dry fruits of your choice.
  6. add berries, fruits and other materials for decorations of your choice.
  7. Whip cream, sugar and essence. Cool it by keeping it in the fridge.
  8. before baking the cake put butter or oil on trey correctly.


  • decorate in your way, need and taste.
  • bake for 45 minutes only.
  • make designs , shape etc . of your choices.
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In this recipe, we know Red velvet cake |Vanilla cake (cake shop)-A Secret Recipe. We have provided a Very Interesting Red velvet cake Recipe. If you want these types of recipes, then continue to visit our website. If you have any queries then contact us or email us.

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