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Recipes of Maggi |How to make Maggi masala noodles-Instant Maggi recipe

Recipes of Maggi ,maggi recipe in english

Recipes with Maggi is a type of noodles that cooks at home so we called it home noodles. In India, the taste of Maggi is different because of Indian taste. The Indian Maggi recipe is very tasty. Maggi is a blend of finely ground and different types of spices. It Cooks in dry or soup-type form. The whole world people like Maggi so much. There are different tastes of Maggi in different regions. Maggi noodles recipe is a homemade noodles which is just similar to Hakka noodle recipe. This is an Instant Noodles which we can cook within just 2 minutes. Maggi is full of Iron, vitamins, and minerals. Let’s know the Maggi recipe in English, Hindi, and Marathi, etc.

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recipes with maggi
recipes with maggi


Table of content |butter Maggi

About Recipes of Maggi |Maggi masala recipe

Maggi is the most famous food in the world according to a survey. Now, the recipe with Maggi is Everyone’s first choice. To make a recipe with Maggi we need nestle Maggi, some green vegetables, salt as per taste, Maggi masala, cheese, etc. Maggi recipe is very simple to make therefore it is famous as instant noodles. There are many ways to cook Maggi. It depends upon mood and taste. Recipe with Maggi makes instant and 2 minutes cooking.

This is an Italian dish that everyone loves to eat. It is also called as Instant noodles as it takes very less time to make. Whenever you feel to eating this Hakka Noodle at home. So you can eat it by making it instantly. Maggi is made in many ways. People likes Maggi made in Indian way because it is made in Indian way.

Also, Maggi is scientifically beneficial for health. It is tested many times in the preparation of Maggi. Special attention is paid to its quality. It is also sometimes tested in the laboratory. Due to this, it proves to be completely effective. Iron, vitamins, etc. are found in many quantities in Maggi. If you want to taste it too. So, we have told you a very easy and quick way to make Recipes of Maggi. Read till the end to make Maggi.

To make instant Maggi follow the steps. first of all, take a pack of Maggi. Take 2 cups of water in a jar and boil it. Now, add green vegetables, sugar, Maggi, and Maggi masala to the jar. cook it until Maggi is ready.

Nestle Maggi |maggi

Nestle is a famous company of Maggi. People like Nestle Maggi. nestle is a brand that makes and delivered Maggi to the world. Its head branch is in Vevey in Switzerland.

2 minute maggi |maggi foods

According to nestle, the company Maggi takes only 2 minutes to cook. Therefore, Maggi is known as 2 minutes maggi noodles. Maggi is an instant noodles because of its less time of cooking .

Types of Maggi | Maggi foods

There are different types of Maggi .are Maggi recipes are different everywhere due to which it has different types. The most famous types are Nestle Maggi, vegetable Maggi, cheese Maggi, Maggi masala noodle etc.

The Cheese Maggi | Maggi point near me

Cheese Maggi is a cheese-loaded Maggi type. The Cheese Maggi makes Maggi cheesy like pizza. To make Maggi cheesy add a huge amount of cheese in hot Maggi. follow the 2 minutes Maggi recipe from the back of the Maggi pack. when Maggi makes it ready then add some cheese while serving.

Paneer Maggi | Types of Maggi

Paneer maggi is one of maggi type . while serving the Maggi presence of paneer makes Maggi tasty. Adding paneer on top of Maggi makes it paneer wali Maggi. To make Maggi with Paneer, paneer is specially put in Maggi. Paneer is used to enhance the taste of Maggi. This is also a way to Increase the taste of Maggi. Most people like to eat Maggi with cheese. Some people also like to eat Maggi with pasta. If you also like Paneer Maggi and want to make it. So while making Maggi, add paneer along with the rest of the green vegetables. In this way, you can easily make Paneer Maggi at home.

Vegetable maggi

Vegetable Maggi is the most common type of Maggi. Maggi is complete with vegetables. Mixing vegetables in Maggi for taste is a type of vegetable Maggi. Vegetable Maggi is usually made. Green vegetables and spices are added to Maggi. Many types of green vegetables like capsicum, peas, carrots, mushrooms, etc. are added to it which Increases its Taste. You can add any green vegetable according to your taste in Maggi. So let’s make vegetable Maggi and eat it at home.

Maggi pizza

Maggi pizza is a type of Maggi with pizza. The addition of Maggi in pizza decoration is serving as Maggi pizza. we all want to get a unique taste in our food. so, let’s try this Maggi pizza on your plate. To make Maggi pizza at home we need to prepare a pizza then add some Maggi on the top. Add some sauce, cheese, vegetables, etc ingredients as per taste.

Maggi recipe in English |Maggi recipe in Hindi

You can easily make Maggi at home. People like to eat Maggi very much. Especially children like Maggie very much. You can learn to make Maggi in Hindi, English and Marathi or in any language. If you are thinking of making Maggi and you do not know how to make it. So you can easily learn Maggi recipe by translating our complete recipe in any language. You can enjoy the taste of this dish by making it in a few minutes. To make Maggi masala noodle, read the complete recipe till the end. So let’s start making our recipe.

FAQS |Maggi

Maggi to water ratio

The ratio of Maggi and water in a jar should be 2 cups of water while on one piece of Maggi.

Maggi is from which country?

Maggi is a product of nestle company which is a brand of Switzerland. Its head office is at Vevey in Switzerland.

Maggi is good for health?

No, Maggi is not good for health because it does not contains any nutrients and fibre . while Maggi is rich in iron and protein but it is unhealthy if we consume it daily.

Maggi Ingredients |Maggi recipe in english

  1. Maggi – 2 packets
  2. Onion – 2
  3. Capsicum – 1
  4. Carrot – 1
  5. Tomato- 1
  6. Paneer – cut into 3-4 cubes
  7. Green chili – 4-5
  8. Garlic – 6-7
  9. Cumin – tsp 5
  10. salt to taste
  11. Oil – 2 tsp
  12. Water – 2 cups

How to make maggi recipe |Maggi masala noodle

  1. Heat oil in a pan.
  2. After the oil becomes hot add cumin, chopped onion, ground garlic, and splutter for some time.
  3. Now, After that add chopped capsicum and carrot to the pan.
  4. At that time When the vegetables are cooked then add small pieces of paneer, Green chilies, and tomatoes and fry for some time.
  5. Then add salt according to your taste and cook.
  6. Now put water and Maggi in the pan.
  7. Boil it till Maggi is cooked.
  8. After this, add chopped Maggi masala in Maggi.
  9. Cook until two minutes, and turn off the gas.
  10. Your Maggi Masala is ready. Now, serve it hot to kids and adults.

Serving |Recipes of Maggi

Serve Maggi noodles recipe with sweet and green tamarind chutney ,with a thick layer of cheese or paneer garnished on the top.



Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 5 minutesCook time: 6 minutesRest time: 5 minutesTotal time: 16 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:310 kcal Best Season:Available


maggi is an types of noodles which is made in home so we called it as home noodles . in india the taste of maggi is different because of indian taste. indian maggi recipe is very tasty in taste. maggi is made of blend of finely ground and different types of spices . It is cooked in dry or soup type form . maggi is liked by whole world people . in different region different taste of maggi is found.



  1. add chilies as per taste.
  2. add salt as per taste.
  3. you can cook in soup type form if you don’t like dry form.
  4. add vegetables as per taste which you liked.
  5. add water in required term 2 cups.


  • Add ingredients as per taste.
  • Add sauce while cooking maggi for better taste.
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In this recipe, we know Recipes of Maggi |How to make Maggi masala noodles-Instant Maggi. We have provided a Very Interesting Maggi recipe in English or Hindi. If you want these types of recipes, then continue to visit our website. If you have any queries then contact us or email us.

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