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kashmiri pulao | indian veg easy recipes

kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri pulao is an Indian subcontinental dish. It is a veg pulao recipe vegetarian recipes indian. It is a rice dish of the heaven of India ”Kashmir”. The main Ingredients are saffron milk, nuts, spices, Kashmiri dry fruits, cardamoms, cumin. It is Garnish with coriander or mint and a layer of dry fruits. Kashmiri pulao is also a main course dish that can be eaten with any other dish. Kashmiri pulao serves also in Kashmiri traditional thalis.

It has a great taste which gives the taste of heaven because Kashmir is a heaven of India. So it’s a heaven dish. Kashmiri peoples like to eat it with freshly cooked meat. In Indian thalis, It shows the delicious taste of Kashmir.

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  • kashmiri rice
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What is kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri Pulao is a traditional pulao recipe from the Indian state of Kashmir. It is made from a combination of a variety of cashews, raisins, and other dry fruits. Also, It contains a mixture of Kashmiri spices, Kashmiri saffron, and other natural ingredients of Kashmir. It is very popular in Kashmir. It is preferred because Kashmir is a kind of agricultural state of India where rice is also cultivated. In these rice, they leave such an aroma of Kashmir that everyone in Kashmir pulls towards.

It is much tastier than Pulao, Kashmir is a state in India where nature is very kind, where natural dry fruit , species and other types of fruits are cultivated, Kashmir is very famous for its color and its cuisine. Such a glimpse of Kashmir is seen in the pulao, which tells Kashmir .

In other words, It is a delicious dish made from Kashmiri customs and from natural things of Kashmiri which describes the paradise of India.

Kashmiri rice |veg with rice

Kashmiri rice is the most liked rice as compared to all the other rice found in India. This rice is originated in Kashmir i.e. it is grown in Kashmir itself. Kashmiri rice is so beautiful and aromatic that it attracts the eater They bring their aroma is similar to that of Kashmir, the paradise of India, although many types of basmati rice and other rice are produced in India, Kashmiri rice is very important for Kashmiri pulao because only Kashmiri taste will come in the cuisine of Kashmir. When It would have Kashmiri things.

The real taste in Kashmiri Pulao is the rice of Kashmir. Kashmiri rice is filled with the love of Kashmir. It is said that the thing used is more important behind making a substance better, similarly, Kashmiri pulao is incomplete without Kashmiri rice. In this, all the standing spices of Kashmir, long cardamom, cashew, raisins, Kashmiri chilies, and other Kashmiri ingredients are used, which make Kashmiri rice very tasty.

kashmiri pulao history |indian veg recipes

The method of Kashmiri pulao came to India during the 17 and 18th centuries when Mughals and Parisians came under attack in India. Also included was the word Kashmiri given by the Mughals, in which Pulao means Pallo which is a Mughal word and it is also Pulao or Pallo in Sanskrit, which is proof that Kashmir has a large number of Muslims. The Mughals ruled a lot, due to which all the food items of the Mughals came to Kashmir.

Many things have changed due to the arrival of outsiders in India and many new things will also be born. Similarly, many food dishes of India were also created during this time, which is very famous today, out of which It is also one which First made by Mughal and Persian people. Today It is very famous in India. This is the history of Kashmiri Pulao

what goes well with kashmiri pulao

Although It tastes good to eat with everything, it is mostly served with dishes like Kashmiri white gram, rajma, rice, etc. Garnish and serve it with coriander and mint leaves. Kashmiri people like to eat Kashmiri Pulao with Butter Chicken, Kashmiri Masala, Kashmiri Rajma Rice, Kashmiri White Gram, Kashmiri Sabzi, etc. You can also serve it with these things.


Is Kashmiri pulao healthy?

Yes, Kashmiri Pulao proves to be very healthy because Kashmiri Cashew, Raisins, Cardamom, Saffron, Spices, natural fruits, etc are used in cooking. We all know that natural fruits and dry fruits contain many types of minerals, vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron, etc., which are very helpful in making us healthy, so we can say that It is very good for our health.

Is Kashmiri pulao sweet?

Yes, Kashmiri Pulao tastes sweet to some extent, this is because Kashmiri Pulao uses natural dry fruits like Cashew, Raisin, Jaggery, etc., which make it sweet, hence It also gives some sweet taste.

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• Wash the rice thoroughly and soak it in water for half an hour. Then remove the excess water and remove it.

• Cut one almond in length according to 6-7 pieces. Also, cut one cashew according to 3-4 pieces. Prepare pistachios by finely cutting them lengthwise, break the stalks of raisins and wipe them with a clean cloth. Take it.

• When the ghee is hot. Add cumin seeds, fry, after roasting cumin. Add whole spices, and bay leaves and fry it lightly. Now, add chopped ginger and ginger paste, green chili, and dry fruits, and fry it. After all the things are roasted a good smell arises. Add fennel powder, rice, salt, and red chili powder and fry it for 2 minutes while mixing it well.

• Now add 2 cups of water to the rice. Mix it and cover it. Let it cook on low flame for 5 minutes and check and stir it well. Let it cook again for 5 minutes, and stir it well, again Cover,

• Let it cook for 3 minutes and check the rice, rice is ready. Turn off the gas and leave the rice covered for 10-15 minutes. Then take out the pulao in a bowl or plate. Garnish with green coriander and dry fruits and serve.

Now, enjoy a delicious dish from Kashmir. So, what are you waiting for let’s follow the recipe, cook, and share your views with us?


serve the Kashmiri pulao with the dish as you want because it falls in the main course. Garnish with coriander or mint and a thick layer of Kashmiri dry fruits and also add saffron for good taste.



Difficulty:IntermediatePrep time: 30 minutesCook time: 20 minutesRest time: 15 minutesTotal time:1 hour 5 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:300 kcal Best Season:Available


Kashmiri pulao is an indian subcontinental dish .it is rice dish of heaven of india ”kashmir” . it is made of saffron milk , nuts , spices , kashmiri dry fruits , cardamoms , cumin , and garnish with coriander or mint and a layer of dry fruits . kashmiri pulao is also a main course dish which can eaten with any other dish . kashmiri pulao is also seen in kashmiri traditional thalis . it have a great taste which really gives the taste of heaven because kashmir is heaven of india so , it’s a heaven dish . kashmiri peoples like to eat pulao with fresh cooked meat . In Indian thalis kashmiri pulao shows the delicious taste of kashmir .



  1. wash the rice clean . use basmati rice .
  2. soak the rice for half an hour.
  3. you can cook the veg pulao in microwave or in pressure cooker.
  4. you can add olive oil or mustard oil instead of ghee or butter .
  5. you can skip or more add any ingredient if don’t like or like any .
  6. you can add cream while plating the pulao .
  7. add coriander or mint leaves while garnishing .
  8. serve the kashmiri pulao with anything because pulao is main course dish .
  9. add salt to taste .
  10. remember while adding water into rice the quantity of water should doubled than rice
  11. kahmiri pulao should serve in kashmiri bowl which makes plating more beautiful .


  • Add ingredients which you like and skip which you don’t like .
  • use basmati rice for good taste .
  • use fresh vegetables for making dish healthy .
  • Add cream while serving the kashmiri pulao.
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