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jilebi |national sweet of india |india’s national sweet- in simple way

jilebi |national sweet of india |india's national sweet | national sweet of gujarat- in simple way

JALEBI is an Indian sweet dish or national sweet of india. It is sometimes called jalebi. It is made of Maida and dipped in sugar syrup which gives a water full taste in the mouth. Jalebi is available everywhere in India. It is a historical dish. It is a circular round sweet dish that serves hot or cold. jilebi is one of the famous sweet dishes of India and national dessert of india. jalebi making is In different styles and ways in different regions of India but the taste is the same which full your mouth with the taste of sweetness. It is an Indian street food that can be easily available on the corner of every street in India. Also, national sweet of gujarat is jalebi.

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Table of content |jalebi junction

jalebi |jilebi |jilapi

The Jalebi is around Indian sweet dessert dish that is made from flour, ghee, yogurt o sugar syrup. Jalebi is also speaks as jilebi, jilapi, jilipi, meshabek and zulbia etc. The Jalebi making begins in India from the Medieval period when Persian, Dutch, or Mughals enter India. So, jalebi originates from Persian countries to Indian subcontinents. Like in India it is popular in many other countries including Egypt. Here, it is called” Meshabek’‘ .

Due to its popularity, it is India’s national sweet dish or also national dessert of india. Because it is available in every hotel, restaurant, Dhabas, or shop in India. The taste of Indian national sweet ”jilebi‘ is very sweet. It feels like there is flowing a river of sweet water in the mouth and there is some crunch of flour. It almost spares its sweet taste in the whole world. Peoples from other countries especially comes to India to taste Indian street foods jalebi or amarti.

jalebi ingredients |recipes of jalebi

Jalebi or jalebi national sweet is very easy to make because of its fewer ingredients. The main ingredients for making it are Flour 1 cup, Yogurt 1/2 cup, Sugar 3 cups, Milk 1 tablespoon, Saffron Little / Little / Little, Ghee for frying jilebi.

paneer jalebi |jalebi sweet

Paneer jalebi is a variety of jalebi in which the main ingredient is paneer. There are mostly seven varieties of jalebi founds in India. Paneer jalebi gives a different taste of jalebi because of paneer. It is made with paneer as the Main Ingredient, sugar for making sugar syrup, ghee for fry jalebi, and milk for darkness.

jalebi origin |jalebi

Jalebi originates from many Persian countries of the world and then come to India through Persian and Dutch merchants in the medieval India period. Most people don’t know about its origin country. many peoples believe is that it is an Indian sweet dish or jalebi national sweet and originates from India. But finally, Its origin place becomes India. It is India’s national sweet dish.

rabdi jalebi |khoya jalebi

Rabdi is a dark and thick gravy of boiled milk covered with lots of dry fruits and nuts. It is mainly served with jalebi and other Indian sweets. therefore it becomes rabdi jalebi and people like it in large quantities. In the Indian states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and many other states it is serving in marriages and parties to make mouth Sweety. The combination of rabdi jalebi is superb. It becomes very delicious when serves together.

Indian jalebi |dahi jalebi

Indian jalebi is very popular in Indians and the whole world. It is an Indian national sweet dish or national dessert of India. It is not even cooked in India but also in its neighboring countries. The specialty of Indian jalebi is its sweetness and flavor of crunch. The round and spiral shape filled with sugar syrup give a delicious taste. The different colors and ways of making jilebi are so Interesting and amazing. Also, the national sweet of west bengal is rasugulla. The national sweet of Gujarat is also fafda jalebi.

jalebi making |poha jalebi

Jalebi is also very easy to make and Interesting. so, To make a jalebi recipe in a few timing follow my recipe below and try. For Jalebi making we need our Ingredients which are we have already discussed. let’s continue from the next step. so, follow below steps.

FOLLOW THE RECIPE |recipes of jalebi

• In a large bowl, mix all purpose flour, curd and water as required and make a lump-free batter.

• Keep it covered for 24 hours for sourness. Then beat it by hand for 15 minutes. Heat sugar and 2 cups of water in a non stick pan. Add milk when sugar dissolves completely.

• Sugar waste will come to the top floor. remove it. Add saffron to the syrup and boil till a string is not formed. Keep the syrup warm. Heat ghee in a pan for deep frying on medium heat.

• Pour a little prepared solution in a jalebi cloth, then gather the cloth from all sides and make a bundle. Tie tight. While squeezing the batter out of it, roll the jalebi in the hot ghee in a round shape.

• In a short time, turn the jalebis and fry till they become golden. Remove it from the oil and put it in the syrup and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Then take it out from the syrup and serve hot jalebi.


Now, serve the jilebi hot or cold with whatever you like because jalebi is a main course sweet dish. in Gujarat, It eats with fafda and fried chili.

FAQS| jalebi

Is jalebi healthy ?

Jalebi is a sweet dish. so, it should eat like sweets. we, all know anything may be bad if it is above the limit. Yes, jalebi is unhealthy if eats more.

Is jalebi national sweet of India?

Yes, JALEBI is the national sweet of India because it came in Indian subcontinents during medieval periods and became much popular.

which is the national sweet of india

JALEBI is an Indian sweet dish or national sweet of india

national sweet of uttarakhand

Rabdi jalebi is national sweet of uttarakhand or national dessert of india

national sweet of gujarat

national sweet of gujarat is Fafda and Jalebi with spicy chili.

Is jalebi healthy ?

Jalebi is a sweet dish. so, it should eat like sweets. we, all know anything may be bad if it is above the limit. Yes, jalebi is unhealthy if eats more.

Is jalebi national sweet of India?

Yes, JALEBI is the national sweet of India because it came in Indian subcontinents during medieval periods and became much popular.



Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 15 minutesCook time: 25 minutesRest time: 10 minutesTotal time: 50 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:324 kcal Best Season:Available


JALEBI is an indian sweet dish . it is made up of maida and dip in the sugar syrup which gives a water full taste in mouth. jalebi is cooked every where in india .it is a historical dish . jalebi is circular round sweet dish which can be served hot or cold . it is one of famous sweet dish of india . jalebi is cooked in different style and ways in different regions of india but the taste is same which full your mouth with the taste of sweetness . it is an indian street food which can be easily seen on the corner of every street in india .



  1. The batter should not be too thick or thin .
  2. Remember while adding ingredients to make batter mix the batter continuously so that batter will make lump free .
  3. remember while making sugar syrup amount of sugar should be double than water.
  4. you can also add food color in sugar syrup of your choice .
  5. cook the jalebi from both sides.
  6. Dip the jalebi in syrup till it fully absorb the sugar syrup .
  7. you can lemon juice instead of curd . if you not like curd.
  8. you can add dry fruits of your choice.


  • While frying jalebi heat flame should be medium.
  • sugar syrup should be thick .
  • you can use refined or ghee for frying jalebi.
  • amount of water should be balanced while making batter
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