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Chutney recipe | Indian recipes (veg recipes)- An Indian sauce recipe

chutney recipe

Chutney recipe is an indian veg recipes. It is also served with all types of snacks recipes in India. Various types of chutneys are made all over India. In which tomato chutney, coconut chutney recipe, mint chutney, peanut chutney, onion chutney, green chutney, sweet chutney etc. A different taste can be found in every state of India. So, This different taste comes out in the form of different types of dishes. Chutney is one such dish that can be served with all types of food. This chutney is served with everything from roti to samosa, Tikki, burgers, etc. Also, make chutney recipe for momos, samosa and other snacks.

Hi, friends both of you will like to eat the tangy and sweet dish .Some time in life we like to eat something tangy and sweet .So, for some yummy mood I have present the Indian desi style chutney recipe which you used to eat this chutney recipe with momos ,chapatis (Roti). It takes only one minutes to ready. follow the recipe and get the taste of sweet and tangy row mango Indian chutney.

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Table of content |Indian recipes

What is chutney ? |chutney recipe

In layman’s language, chutney is such a mixture of some vegetables. In which there is a mixture of spices, salt, chili, oil, etc. and the round of coriander, mint, etc. is mixed. So, This method is called the chutney or chutney recipe. It can be made from a variety of things. which cooks quickly. Like coriander, mint, tomato, peanut, etc., these things do not take much time to cook.

The Chutney recipe is one type of dry cooking recipe. Because there is no need to cook it on fire. It is ready in a few minutes. And also made to serve with dishes. Many people make it by cooking and many people also make it by dry cooking method. There are different methods in different places across India.

Types of chutney |green chutney recipe

Various types of chutney recipes are found all over India. People have different tastes due to different regions. Just as language changes with the advent of diversity. Similarly, due to variation, there is also a change in the diet. Similarly, in India, many chutneys are found separately from this variety. Different sauces like tomato chutney, coconut chutney, pudina chutney, peanut chutney, mint chutney, onion chutney, green chutney, coriander chutney, beetroot chutney, etc are found.

Tomato chutney

Tomato chutney is a variety of chutney. In which tomato is put as the main ingredient. This chutney can be made in many ways. And it becomes instant. To make this, we will need two tomatoes, chilies, garlic, salt according to taste, etc. Finely chop it and prepare it by putting into grand in a mixer.

Now, Your tomato chutney is ready. Serve chutney recipe with momos, samosa, roti etc. To, make it more spicy and sweet, I suggest that you use black salt instead of plain salt and you can also use a little tamarind. And if you want, you can also add some raw mangoes. Due to this the taste of chutney will become sour and sweet.

Coconut chutney recipe

The coconut chutney recipe is very much liked all over India. It is made of coconut. In South India, it is served with idli, dosa, etc. Coconut chutney is a gift from South India. People of South India serve coconut chutney with different types of dishes. Due to the abundance of coconut in South India, many types of coconut dishes are made. Of which chutney is also one.

The coconut chutney recipe is very easy to make. First, grind the coconut. Then by grinding salt, chili, etc. in a mixer, prepare chutney. And it can be served with South Indian dishes like Vada, Idli, Dosa, etc. People of the South love coconut chutney very much. He eats it with snacks. So what is the delay, you must also make the the Coconut chutney recipe at home and enjoy it.

Pudina chutney

Mint Chutney is a chutney made from Mint. This is the type of chutney. In which mint is the main dish. Because mint is cold, its chutney is very beneficial for digestion. To make mint chutney, we need spices like mint, garlic, ginger, salt according to taste and it is prepared in the same way. Like the rest of the chutney is made.

Make a chutney by grinding all the ingredients in a mixer two-three times and serving it with different types of dishes. Mint chutney cools the stomach. And also prevents constipation. Mint is considered beneficial for the stomach. Therefore it is taken in different ways in food. Out of which it can also be taken advantage of by making chutney.

Peanut chutney

Peanut chutney is made from peanuts. It is very easy to make and it is ready in a jiffy. To make peanut chutney, we need groundnut, chili, spices, oil, turmeric, etc. Peanuts are the main ingredient in it. This chutney is made in many states of India. In South India, it is also served with coconut chutney along with sambar, dosa, idli, Rava, etc. South Indian dishes.

Peanut chutney is considered very beneficial for health. It contains natural protein. It keeps blood pressure equal and is also helpful in diseases like sugar. We all know the natural properties of peanuts. While peanut chutney is spicy and delicious, it is also beneficial. After preparing this green chutney recipe, the tempering of chili and mustard is also given on it. which enhances its taste. so, must try it.


You can serve this chutney recipe with momos, Pizza, burgers, or any dish. This dish can be served with any type of snacks, roti, momos, samosas, etc.

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FAQS |green chutney |chutney recipe with momos

can chutney be smooth?

yes, chutney can be smooth. It depends upon your taste. If you want to make it smooth so you can do as by adding less amount of water.

How long will chutney keep ?

If the chutney is stored then it will be fine for about two or three months, in this we can say that the chutney can remain perfect for most of 2 to 3 months.

Is peanut chutney good for diabetes?

yes, Peanut chutney is also considered very beneficial for health. It contains natural protein. It keeps blood pressure equal and is also helpful in diseases like sugar.

Is chutney Indian or British?

Indian chutney is an Indian dish that is made in different ways in different states of India so what can we do that the chutney is Indian and not British.

What do you use chutney for?

Chutney is an Indian dish. Which goes to the neighbor with the rest of the dishes. and also enhances its taste. Chutney is served with a variety of snacks like samosas, pakoras, burgers, Manchurians, Maggi, pasta, etc. So that it is made to enhance its taste with all the dishes.

Ingredients for green chutney recipe

  1. 500 grams Row mango (cut into large pieces).
  2. 500 grams Sugar
  3. 1 tablespoon Ginger powder
  4. 0.5 tablespoons Black salt
  5. 0.5 tablespoons Simple salt (According to taste)
  6. 0.5 tablespoons Garam masala
  7. 1 tablespoon Raisins (Dry grapes)

How to make Chutney recipe |chutney recipe green

  1. Wash the mango, dry the water and peel it.
  2. Also, cut the mango pulp into large pieces.
  3. Add mango pieces and half a cup of water.
  4. Now, keep it on a slow flame to boil.
  5. when the mango pieces are soft, mash the mango with a spoon.
  6. Also, add sugar and black salt, plain salt, and ginger powder, and cook, the sugar is completely dissolved.
  7. Cook the chutney until it is like a thick mixture of mango and sugar.
  8. If the chutney is looking like a cart, Add water as needed and cook well.
  9. Now, turn off the fire.
  10. Also, Add garam masala to the chutney.
  11. If you see mango Fibers in the chutney, strain it into a thick sieve.
  12.  Add raisins to the chutney and also mix.
  13. Raisins swell in 1-2 hours and become thick which are very delicious to eat.
  14. Store the chutney in a dry and clean container when it is cool. This chutney can be made in use for more than one month.
  15. If you keep the chutney in the fridge, It can last for a whole year.
  16. whenever you make something crispy then eat the chutney with that .

chutney | indian recipes (veg recipes)

chutney | indian recipes (veg recipes)

Difficulty:IntermediatePrep time: 2 minutesCook time: 1 minuteRest time: 2 minutesTotal time: 5 minutesServings:7 servingsCalories:149 kcal Best Season:Available


In layman’s language, chutney is such a mixture of some vegetables. In which there is a mixture of spices, salt, chili, oil etc. And the round of coriander, mint etc. is mixed. This method is called chutney. It can be made from a variety of things. which cooks quickly. Like coriander, mint, tomato, peanut, etc., these things do not take much time to cook. Chutney recipe is one type of dry cooking recipe. Because there is no need to cook it on fire. It is ready in few minutes. And also made to serve with dishes. Many people make it by cooking and many people also make it by dry cooking method. There are different methods in different places across India.



  1.  Wash the row mango for 5 minutes, clean the top layer very well
  2.  Always boil the row mango at low boiling point
  3. After adding raisins (dry grapes) in chutney wait for 5 minutes .
  4. Store the chutney in dry and clean contain


  • Cook this recipe at low heat.
  • Use fresh ingredients for better taste
  • After cooking, wait for at least 15 minutes for better taste
  • Use dry and fresh clean container
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