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banana recipes

Banana Recipes or Pakora Recipes refers to the method of making banana curry. To make banana curry, banana pakoras are first made and these banana pakoras are made of raw bananas. Then these pakoras are tempered to make them vegetable and its vegetable is made. Many types of vegetables are made in India. Of which banana vegetable is also one. Raw bananas are also made in the form of dumplings in India. People like it very much too.

Banana vegetable is definitely made from North India to South India. But the method of making it may be different. Ingredients we need to make Banana Recipes. They also include gram flour, raw banana, green chili, rock salt or black salt, ginger, oil, etc. It is as easy as making another dumplings. And the same method of making pakoras is adopted. So let us start our banana recipes today. So what is the delay, let us try to please your family with our recipe.

Row banana dumpling is an Indian varat dish which is being eaten by the Indian who have a fast means on the occasion of fast. It is also a variety of eaten dishes. on Navratri and other fasts, people eat it. it is made of raw banana, green chilies, chestnut flour, rock salt, ghee, etc.

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  • what is banana recipes?
  • pakora recipe
  • banana curry
  • homemade snacks
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what is banana recipes?

Do you all know what is Banaras recipe? If you don’t know, we will let you know. This recipe is made all over India. Everyone likes it from north to south. It is made from raw bananas. First, raw banana dumplings are made and then a link is made to make the same pakoras as a vegetable. But some people also eat it by making pakoras alone. Which is served as a snacks recipe with tea and when these pakoras are made into a curry to make them a vegetable. So it is served as a vegetable. Isn’t it two easy ways to make Snacks and Vegetable Recipes? Many recipes in India are made in this way.

So let’s make only Banana dumplings i.e. Banana Pakoras in our Banana Recipes. Which you can eat in fasting as well as without fasting. If you want to eat it during the fast, then you do not have to put all those things which are prohibited in the fast. You all must know what is not eaten during fasting. You just don’t have to put those things in it and those who want to eat it without fasting. He can also put anything and serve it. After making these pakoras can be served with green and red i.e sweet chutney and can be served with tea in the morning. so let’s start.

NOTE – This recipe is made for fasting and those who want to eat it without fasting. he can eat it anyway .

pakora recipe

Who doesn’t like pakoras? It is loved by all across India. From potatoes to onions and onions to bread pakoras, everyone is crazy about it. The method of making pakoras is very easy. Simply dip the vegetables in gram flour and fry them in oil. Isn’t it a very easy way to get instant snack recipes? So today we are making Raw Banana Dumplings. To make raw banana dumplings, we need gram flour, green chili, celery, red chili, powder, etc. First, prepare the batter of gram flour. Then dip the raw banana in this solution and fry it in oil. Your raw banana pakoras are ready. which will taste very good to eat. You can serve it with green and red chutney.

banana curry

To make Banana Curry, you have to first make raw banana dumplings and then its vegetables which we call Banana Kadhi. We have taught you how to make raw banana dumplings. Now we tell you what to do next. We have to put this raw banana dumpling in the curry but first, we have to prepare the tempering for making the curry. To prepare the tempering, we need onion, garlic, ginger, green chili, cumin, mustard oil, etc. First of all, put oil in a pan, add onion, green chili, cumin, etc., fry it well, and prepare the tempering. Then put raw banana dumplings in it and make a link to it. Take your Banana Kadhi is ready. If you want the recipe of Banana Kadhi from us. So do tell in the comment. We will prepare its recipe for you too. so let’s move on.

homemade snacks

If you want to make homemade snacks, then definitely follow our recipe. It is a great thing to prepare snacks at home in less time. Today we have taught you how to make Row Banana Dumplings. Which is a snacks recipe. And instantly it is ready. And there is also Homemade Snacks Recipe as well. You can make other dumplings in the same way. And many more snacks that are eaten across India. Do let us know which snack recipe you like best. We will give you the recipe.

FAQs |banana recipes

Why my pakoras are not crispy?

This could be the reason why your dumplings are not crispy. The vegetables that you have boiled may have got moisture left in it. That doesn’t make it crispy at the stem, or also your batter may be too thin. To correct this, you put a little baking soda in your batter and make your besan batter tight. After boiling the vegetables, leave them open for some time. Due to this it will lose its moisture and it will start becoming crunchy.

What is pakora batter made of?

Usually gram flour batter is prepared for making dumplings. Then after making a solution of celery, cumin, green chili, red chili etc., dipping vegetables in it and frying in oil and pakoras are prepared.

Where does pakora originate from?

pakora originate from a unique country India .

Do Indians eat pakora?

Pakora is a commonly made snack recipe in India. Which Indians like very much and it was not made in India. It is a good thing that Indians definitely eat it.

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“• First boil the banana with two pieces and peel it. Also, Take care that the bananas do not get overripe. When it cools down, peel them off and cut them into round pieces. Do not keep the pieces too thick.

• Now prepare the batter of water chestnut. Also, add chopped green chilies, ginger as per your taste, and add salt as per your taste. Let the solution remain thick. For moyan, put some ghee or oil in the solution.

• Heat ghee/oil in a pan and wrap the banana pieces in the batter and leave them in the ghee. Bake till it becomes crispy from both the sides.

• Now serve these pakodas with sweet and green tamarind chutney.


serve the fruity raw banana dumpling with sweet and green tamarind chutney.

Fruity Raw Banana Dumplings

Fruity Raw Banana Dumplings

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 10 minutesCook time: 15 minutesRest time: 10 minutesTotal time: 35 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:300 kcal Best Season:Available


Row banana dumpling is an indian varat dish which is being eaten by the indian who have a fast means on the occasion of fast . it is a varat eaten dish. on navratra and other fasts people eat it. it is made of row banana, green chilies, chestnut flour, rock salt, ghee, etc.



  1. boil row bananas at medium flame.
  2. Take care that the bananas do not get overripe.
  3. Do not keep the pieces too thick.
  4. use ghee or mustard oil for frying.
  5. Let the solution remain thick.
  6. add ingredients as per your choice.


  • add ingredients as per your choice.
  • serve with sweet and green tamarind chutney.
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